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With the increasing cost of healthcare, medical aid is important as it pays medical expenses when you need it the most



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If you are struggling to understand the intricacies of affordable medical aid today, you are not alone. Thaba-Bosiu Risk Solutions is committed to equipping you with all healthcare information you need to understand how medical aid works. We serve a broad spectrum of clientele, ranging from large corporations, medium and small enterprises, as well as individuals and students.

We have selected the best medical aid providers in Lesotho and South Africa, with a good choice of options to give you access to private healthcare in Lesotho, South Africa and beyond, to meet your healthcare needs. They include:

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Day to day healthcare benefits

These are day-to-day medical expenses that cover medical costs like out-of-hospital doctors, psychologist or specialist’ visits, eye care, dentistry, and prescribed and over the counter medication.

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Comprehensive healthcare Options

  • These are the plans that combine in and out of hospital benefits, for example, maternity, Intensive Care Units, CT & MRI Scans, and more
  • Chronic disease cover for a variety of illnesses including, diabetes, gout, HIV/AIDS and many more
  • Major diseases and complex surgeries like cancer, organ transplant
  • Ambulance (local and cross border vehicle and air), step-down facilities
  • Healthcare programmes such as wellness programmes that allow members to proactively manage their health outcomes through, for example, health screenings, diet programmes, gym, and more
Hospitalisation Only Options

Hospitalisation-Only Options

These are plans which exclusively provide in-hospital benefits and major diseases cover only including ambulances. Day-to-benefits are not included in the cover.

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Students Medical Aid

This benefit is tailored for students studying in foreign nations, for instance, Basotho students studying in South Africa, or other foreign nationals studying in Lesotho.

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