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Fidelity Insurance

Business Insurance

When insuring your business it is common to think about the physical assets that keep your company running. But what about your operating practices? Fidelity insurance protects you against the dishonest, unlawful actions by employees that can seriously hurt your business – in terms of both finances and reputation.
This insurance covers loss of money and/or other property stolen by an insured employee, and direct financial loss as a result of fraud or dishonesty of an insured employee, which results in dishonest personal financial gain for the employee.  

Important: The loss must be reported to the police and a successful charge laid against the employee. Cover can be on a named employee/position basis or as blanket cover on all employees.
Cover excludes: losses resulting from dishonest manipulation of any computer programme, system, data or software by an employee in your data processing department, unless electronic data processing department was not networked.
Extensions for manipulation of any computer programme and associated computer losses can be arranged.

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