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Business All Risks Insurance

Business Insurance

Whether you are in construction, sales or retail, business today is no longer restricted to one location. You’re out and about, meeting clients and working onsite. That’s why we offer a special Business All Risks insurance policy – that provides comprehensive protection for your company possessions worldwide.
Business All Risks insurance covers your business’s portable equipment as specified by you and described in the schedule. Property must be insured for replacement value  

Property is protected against loss or damage, and may include:

  1. • Cell phones
  2. • Laptops and tablet computers
  3. • Tools of your specific trade (e.g. a photographer’s camera)
  4. • Portable equipment used outside your normal business premises.

Cover is worldwide and covers any accident or misfortune not otherwise excluded. Theft from unattended vehicles is not covered unless accompanied by forcible entry into, or exit from, either the vehicle or securely locked building housing the vehicle. Property must be contained in a completely closed and securely locked compartment of the vehicle and not visible to passers-by.

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